PAH Shepherd

Hello my name is Fred.  I live in western Wisconsin on a hobby farm.  Why do I go by the name PAH Shepherd?  Well PAH stands for Prickly Ash Hill.  Sixteen years ago when we bought this property where we live I wanted to give it a name.  The hill was filled with the prickly ash trees.  Anybody who has cleared a fence line will tell you the worst thing to clear is prickly ash.  They will leave you scratched and bleeding after a long hard day.

The Shepherd refers to the small flock of sheep my wife and I raise.  The sheep came into our family as a 4-H project my daughter did as a junior in high school.  She has left home but the sheep stayed.

I enjoy farming, gardening and camping.  I also enjoy photography and being my wife’s travel companion on her training trips and conferences. 

This blog is a new adventure for me.  I don’t do any writing but I am starting to find this as an outlet and a way for me share stories about myself.  I hope you enjoy the blog.


3 comments on “PAH Shepherd

  1. Hi Fred – I just came here after Joe referred to Pahshepherd and it felt like it might be you! You sure check into a lot of blogs! I’m sure Joe does too. I just had cataract surgery today and am still a little blury here, but just wanted to say Hi to you in this new way! Fran

  2. Dear Fred, my husband came across your site and I would love to connect with you, as Donald Kraker was my Uncle. My mother was his sister. (I can’t tell how you are related to Uncle Don from your site). I heard about Uncle Don all my life. Please send me an email at address below. I look forward to hearing from you. I do not use Facebook.

    • It is nice to meet you, Jennifer. I am married into the Kraker Family. My mother-in-law is Frances (Kraker) Abbott and Fran is a first cousin to your mother. Fran’s father is Joseph Kraker the bother to your Grandfather.
      I have done a lot of genealogy research on my family and my wife’s families. If I have you placed right, your mother is Helen Kraker and was married to Carl Adams. I don’t have much more information on the extended Kraker family other than the names of the cousins, but their children I have no names.
      After Uncle Joe died, your mom’s cousin, a few years ago I received many of the family photos. Among the collection was the photo of your Uncle Donald. He had written on the back in pencil to Uncle Joe. That was my wife’s grandfather. In a purple colored marker was the inscription “Died at Pearl Harbor”. When I looked up the death roll call on the internet I found Donald’s name followed by Midway N.A.S. It was the first time I realized 4 servicemen lost their lives on December 7th and they were not at Pearl Harbor, but are included on the roll call.
      I would love to stay in contact and to learn more about the Kraker extended family. I live in western Wisconsin about an hour from the Twin Cities.
      Here is my e-mail address:

      Thank you for reading my blog

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