PAH Shepherd

Hello my name is Fred.  I live in western Wisconsin on a hobby farm.  Why do I go by the name PAH Shepherd?  Well PAH stands for Prickly Ash Hill.  Twelve years ago when we bought this property where we live I wanted to give it a name.  The hill was filled with the prickly ash trees.  Anybody who has cleared a fence line will tell you the worst thing to clear is prickly ash.  They will leave you scratched and bleeding after a long hard day.

The Shepherd refers to the small flock of sheep my wife and I raise.  The sheep came into our family as a 4-H project my daughter did as a junior in high school.  She has left home but the sheep stayed.

I enjoy farming, gardening and camping.  I also enjoy photography and working out at the gym.  I love doing yoga, Turbokick and just started Insanity.

This blog is a new adventure for me.  I don’t do any writing but I am starting to find this as an outlet and a way for me share stories about myself.  I hope you enjoy the blog.

One comment on “PAH Shepherd

  1. Hi Fred – I just came here after Joe referred to Pahshepherd and it felt like it might be you! You sure check into a lot of blogs! I’m sure Joe does too. I just had cataract surgery today and am still a little blury here, but just wanted to say Hi to you in this new way! Fran

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