One comment on “Annual Christmas Tree Outing

  1. ‘Nice to hear of your day, Fred. I think we all have our own version of putting up our Christmas tree, but I do love to think back on the days when I’d drive all 6 of my kids out to a tree farm, to cut our own fresh tree. It usually was far too tall, and there’d be another cutting at home… And way back then, we would put up the lights and then begin the long task of lining each branch with a row of tinsel – the lead type, that would hang nice and heavy on the tree. What a beautiful shimmering sight that was, when finished. It also was an ever present temptation to our Siamese friend, Shiva. It’s fun to relive all those wonderful memories each year. Thanks for priming the pump for me, Fred! Laurel’s Mom, Fran

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